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Welcome to VECTOR.

Start making my virus
Vector has been imagined, designed and made real on March 14-19th, during the Tribecahacks Story Matter Hackathon. So have this website and the above video trailer.

What is Vector

Vector is an educational game aimed at raising awareness on virus related issues and at spreading knowledge of immunology mechanics.


Become a Vector

Do you have what it takes to be a virus?

Vector will analyze your social behavior and based on the virality level of your profile, will assign you either a virus or a cell as a vector.

Play. Spread. Win.


World human health is more and more dependent on our capacity to recognize and fend off new and old infectious agents. With increasing population, urbanization and travel capacity, infectious agents can cause havoc and become the worse enemy of humanity.

This game introduces players to viral mechanisms of infection, and to some of the ways developed during evolution to keep them at bay. Players will learn to recognize the molecular components of both infectious and immune system, and their awareness will become relevant also to their everyday life.

On a social ground, raising the subject of infections in a scientifically accurate but not alarmist way is extremely important, at a time when vaccination has to be brought back into the conversation more than ever. Because the possibility of new diseases like SARS or H1N1 is always present. Because HIV is still rampant and spreading, especially among young people. Because vaccination seems to be a very promising lead in curing some types of cancer… and maybe more.

From a scientific perspective, the modelling of infectious agents at both the molecular and the system dynamic perspective can help scientists to look at problems from different point of view, raising new questions, and, possibly, getting new answers.

The game is designed to replicate the functions of a single viral agent (HIV), but can also be adapted to include more viruses, from Influenza to MERS, or bacterial diseases.

Help make Vector exist

Obviously, the 5 days of the TribecaHacks Story Matter are not nearly enough to fully develop such an ambitious project as Vector. Refining the game mechanics, creating the educational content, developing the game engine, designing the 3D models and their interactions, integrating the augmented reality for all the game assets, and fully streamline the social components of the game will require weeks and weeks of hard work.

But we are convinced that the value that a game like Vector presents make it a worthwhile pursuit. We are looking for help on all fronts to turn this idea in a reality : game designers, game developers, writers, scientists and of course financial backers.


Thank you

To all those without whom vector would never have been possible

Ingrid Kopp, Opeyemi Olukemi, Amelie Leenhardt and everybody at the Tribeca Film Institute - they know why. Neil Hartman and his team at Cineglobe, and all the wonderful people at CERN and IdeaLab - for their support and for making us feel so welcome.